John and Helen Kozoronis share the secrets of success they have learned over 49 years as the leading supplier of the world’s finest area rugs, carpets and home accessories to both homeowners and retailers across North America and beyond.

Q: When you walk into your showroom, it feels like an art gallery. How many styles of carpets do you have?

We have over 100,000 square feet of merchandise on display. It’s impossible to say how many we have, but I can tell you that all of our rugs and carpets are made with the finest attention to detail and quality.


Q: With such an overwhelming choice of beautiful rugs and carpets, how do customers find which one is right for them?

A: All of our staff are certified designers. They are all passionate about helping – and educating – customers. No matter what style of carpet, we have one for everyone. We have also organized the rugs and carpets by style and have hung them from customized sliding rafters to make viewing them easy.


Q: You and your wife, Helen have created your rug and carpet empire. You travel all over the world, from Nepal, India, Europe and China, to find the best selection of carpets at reasonable prices. Do you both still love your work as much as you did at the beginning?

A: We enjoy every single day that we are here. We are both passionate about our business and we love helping customers bring the joy of beautiful craftsmanship at a reasonable price home with them. Helen and I are confident that everyone who walks in here will find something that is perfect for them.


Q: If I wanted to buy a rug or carpet that would become a family heirloom, what should I look for?

A: We carry many different types of rugs and carpets that we’ve sourced from all over the world. Our carpets can be custom made at any size or with any pattern. Using pure New Zealand and Himalayan hand-spun wool, our master craftsmen create remarkable rugs. And with our wholesale pricing, it is much easier than you think to buy a family heirloom.


Q: Your showroom is a destination for designers all over North America. How often does your inventory change to accommodate new styles and trends? 

A: We are constantly updating our designs, and there are new arrivals monthly. We also have many popular collections that have timeless style. If you prefer contemporary style, you would love Imperial’s masterpiece collections, such as Nepal Art, Savoy, Bellagio, Opulence, Signature, Carrera, Matisse and many more. Of course we carry many collections, with traditional styling, such as World Classics, Provence and Duchess, which are handwoven from fine wool and art silk. We also have small samples of styles in the latest colour palettes and patterns for designers and customers to custom design their own carpet.

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